Proje Özeti

KCTAS is the electricity distribution company for the city of Kayseri and surrounding areas. In 1998 Basarsoft began, as a subcontractor for KCTAS, to develop GIS software applications for the use of maps and for the production of analyses and reports. In 2001 KCTAS decided to try a commercially available GIS software, but after 5 years of unsuccessful use KCTAS decided to work again with Basarsoft. In 2007, KCTAS began using Basarsoft’s MapInfo-based electrical utilities management software Edabis, and became the first electricity distribution company in Turkey to integrate its operational data in real time, including all inventory and customer data. Using desktop and web versions of Edabis, KCTAS is setting new trends for electricity distribution companies nationwide, both in daily operations and in strategic planning.